Advantages of aluminum

Aluminum is compatible with various chemicals, solvents, and other products. For example, hydrogen sulfide and mercaptans do not attack aluminum. In short, its corrosion resistance makes it an ideal material for most industrial applications.


Aluminum - material advantage

  • Corrosion resistance

  • Not broken or rusted

  • Will not deteriorate

  • No protective coating required

  • Light weight

  • Increased strength and durability


Aluminum - construction advantages

  • Reduces overall construction costs

  • Significantly reduces maintenance costs

  • Custom design. Easy to adapt to non-circular designs

  • Can modify the existing structures

  • Pre-designed, ready to assemble and shorten construction time

Advantages of Triangular Aluminum Mesh Shell Dome

  • The aluminum mesh shell dome has good mechanical performance: it is a three-way force transmission structure, and its node rod end can transmit both axial force and bending stress outside the spherical shell.

  • The support nodes are evenly distributed on the tank wall, which is beneficial to the force and stability of the tank wall.

  • The stability of the reticulated shell is good: the main performance is that the structure has good stability, and it has the functions of automatic arching and automatic rounding, and does not need temporary supports, which makes the installation extremely simple.

  • The net shell is automatically designed by computer: the mesh is reasonable, and the length of the rods is not much different. The spacing of the support points of the reticulated shell to the top plate is generally controlled at about 1.0 to 1.3 meters, and is arranged in a plum-shaped shape, which is favorable for forming the top plate.

  • All parts have been standardized, and they are processed by molds with good quality, high efficiency and low cost.

  • The on-site construction and installation is convenient and fast, and the construction cost is saved. No large lifting equipment is needed for on-site installation, no on-site space is occupied, and the amount of hot fire is small (except for a small amount of fire on the edge node plate).

  • The net shell and the tank top plate are not welded, the top plate is convenient to construct, the man-hours are saved, the spherical forming degree is good, and the appearance is smooth and beautiful.

  • The anti-corrosion work of the triangular mesh net shell can be pre-completed by the factory, and no on-site construction is required. Since the installation of the on-site bar does not require hot fire, the anti-corrosion quality is guaranteed.

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