Other components

★Manhole and Ladder Well


  • The handler can be opened from two sides (above and under the IFR)

  • Well design to prevent the ladder from swinging, bending or breaking

★Anti-rotation cable


  • The cap can be opened in order to adjust the anti-rotation cable (tightness, looseness or cable replacement). There is no need for flame-work to replace the cable.

  • Teflon is used between the cable and the well to prevent sparks from occurring, and to increase the safety.


↙ Adjust the tightness and replace the cable design

Non-metallic anti-friction device ↗

High pressure spring buffer design ↗ 

★Penetration well

  • In the oil storage tank, there are usually pipelines for measuring the liquid level or pipelines for sampling, and even some pillars with roofs. Because the pipeline and the floating roof need to penetrate the floating roof vertically, it is necessary to have a puncture well in accordance with the pipeline. The floating roof has a certain amount of pre-measurement and the pipeline can be operated smoothly.

  • The liquid-contact sealing is adopted to reduce the liquid contact area of ​​the liquid surface and effectively reduce the volatilization.
    Proper cushioning can effectively prevent the impact of the pipeline from the floating roof.

★Conductive cable

  • The Internal Floating Roof floats up and down in the oil storage tank, which inevitably generates electricity. On the floating roof, there must be two or more static conducting cables connected to the tank body, and the current is led to the grounding device of the tank body.

  • It must not affect the normal operation of the floating roof and is not interlaced with other pipelines.

  • The two ends must be securely fixed, and the stainless steel conductive cable can ensure continuous use for many years.

★Custom design of other special parts

We have the design and development capabilities that can provide you great satisfaction for the customized parts.