Why to do pipeline cleaning?

After the pipeline is used for a period of time, it is inevitable that impurities such as debris remaining in the transported material will precipitate in different pipeline sections, resulting in slower pipeline flow or unstable soil. The pipeline passes through different requirements of Pigging, using gas. Or the liquid pushes the friction to clean the pipeline wall.


  • The PIG pipeline internal cleaning system is a physical cleaning method and a special tool is used called "PIG".
  • The shape of the PIG is like a bullet, and the material is a special urethane foam resin.
  • The cleaning method is to load the PIG into the pipeline and push it with water pressure or air pressure to move it inside the pipeline while removing dirt discharged from the pipeline. It is not necessary to cut the pipeline during the cleaning stage, and the dirt inside the pipeline is completely removed in a short period of time without damaging the pipeline.
  • The PIG is a very strong and soft object that can be deformed moderately under appropriate pressure. It can move freely at 45 or 90 degree elbows, can pass T-type tee, and can travel for several kilometers.
Operation principle

A launcher and receiver is installed at both ends of the pipeline, and the PIG is placed in the launcher side and then is pushed by the liquid to remove the debris out of pipeline.


Project scope
  • Removal of debris and rust in new pipelines.
  • Old pipeline process deposits and sludge removal.
  • The pipeline is modified to remove flammable and explosive hazardous materials in the pipeline before the fire.
  • The process of producing raw materials is changed, and the materials in the pipeline are completely removed.
  • The carbon deposit in the furnace tube of the heating furnace is scraped off.
  • The design and setup of a common management system for multiple materials sharing the same pipeline.
  • Inspection and calibration of cleaning and maintenance, leaking points and corrosion of long-distance pipelines.
  • Long-distance pipes with multiple bends or pipes of different sizes can be used.
  • Generally, the dirt can be completely eliminated, and the hard build-up dirt can also be scraped off.
  • The cleaning inside the pipeline will not damage it, the convex steel nail will not fall off, and the inner wall of the pipeline will not be damaged.
  • The pipe is balanced and ground by the direction in which the PIG travels, and the fluid flow after cleaning is better.
  • Grasp the position and cleaning status of the PIG in the pipe and carry out the construction. The PIG will not block inside the tube and it is not necessary to cut the line. The combined results can achieve the most effective and rapid cleaning operation.

Pipeline Cleaning (PIG)