Why use a two-way automatic vent for IFR?

  • Because the vent is equipped with an independent floating unit panel, the vent balances the pressure during filling and withdrawal operations, and prevents the floating roof from severely shaking.

  • With its balls sliding rail design, there are no shortcomings such as metal friction risk or lubricant getting dry and stuck easily.

  • The upward pressure is set at 1 bar, which can be adjusted accordigly to the client's needs.





Two-way automatic vent operations principles


The vent is equipped with an independent floating unit panel.


During filling operations, the vent's floating unit will go up in order to release the hydraulic pressure and to reduce the IFR shakings and balance it.


During withdrawal operations, the vent's floating unit will go down to balance the pressure.


In the maintenance or lowest position, the vent's floating unit will automatically go down and form a ventilated space.







3rd party SGS endurance test certification



  • Its sliding function worked well after 50,000 slides, and the balls had no wearing signs.

  • The track-type ball sliding two-way ventilation design has no shortcomings such as metal-to-metal surface friction (traditional high-risk value and easy card) or lubricating fluid type (easy to dry and stuck).

  • The upward pressure is basically set at 1 atmosphere, and the pressure value can be set according to the owner's needs.


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