About Us

From Taiwan to the World


Founded in 2005, Full Most Co. Ltd. is a Taipei-based company. Our spectrum of products and services cover: Internal Floating Roof (IFR) for oil storage tanks, Pipeline Services.

Full Most provides complete services that covers consultation, technical designs, fabrication and installation of Internal Floating Roofs (IFR) – Brick Style Honeycomb Type with Full Contact for aboveground storage tanks, in petrochemical industry, refineries, oil terminals and other related firms. Our patented IFR product is designed to isolate more effectively the honeycomb core and the stored liquid, and its lifetime and structural strength is more excellent than Skin&Pontoon type IFR or Sandwich type honeycomb IFR.

Our IFR complies with API 650, NFPA standards. To survive and develop in a competitive market, every company must insist on standards for its products and services. Full Most stands out due to its operational excellence, its technological expertise, its capacity to manage complex projects and responsibility for the surrounding environment.



At the same time, Full Most is also engaged in close cooperation with different companies around the world. Full Most is authorized partner in Taiwan of Dacon Inspection Services for its inspection and pipeline services: Ultrasonic Intelligent (UT) Pigging, Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) Pigging.





Our Vision and Mission


As with every successful company, we are also always looking for new business opportunities and new ideas to complement our existing portfolio.

Our vision is to be the preferred partner in IFR and Pipeline Services field. To achieve this, we provide our partners with tailor-made solutions ensuring high quality and safe operations. Our priorities are fostering highest product and service quality, customer focus with long-term partnerships, and leveraging internal synergies.

Responsible for the Environment


We strive to integrate the principles of sustainable business practices in all our activities and are committed to the environment. Safety is the top priority and shapes our technical, organizational and behavioral standards.